Dr. Xu Chi

I am a Professor with School of Automation, China University of Geosciences (CUG).
Before I joined CUG I worked as a Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Machine Learning for Bioimage Analysis Group, BII, A*STAR, Singapore.

Research Interests:

Computer Vision, Hand Pose Estimation, Camera Pose Estimation, Robotics, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, etc.

Projects and Links:

  • ORCID Page
  • Google Scholar Page
  • Researchgate Page
  • Dhand Project (Hand Pose Estimation from Single Depth Images)
  • Lie-X Project (Depth Image Based Articulated Object Pose Estimation, Tracking, and Action Recognition on Lie Groups)
  • HandAction Project (Hand Action Detection from Depth Sequences)
  • RPnP Project (Camera Pose Estimation from n Points)
  • RPnL Project (Camera Pose Estimation from n Lines)
  • Contact:

    xuchi at cug.edu.cn

    Last updated: 2017-10-16

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